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It’s a Horse Race


Usually, by the time the Vendée Globe Round the World Race competitors cross the equator for the second time and head back to the finish line, there is a clear leader.

Not this time.

As of Wednesday, with more than 2,400 miles to go, only 230 miles separated the leader, Charlie Dalin, and Giancarlo Pedote, who was in seventh place. It’s a horse race and considering that the leader has already covered more than 26,000 miles and still has as many as eight sailors on his tail is astonishing.

The lead has changed many times and some of the competitors have been awarded time for coming to the rescue of a fellow sailor. Jean Le Cam, who sits in eight place and whose dramatic rescue of a competitor off South Africa cost him time, will be awarded extra time at the end and that could significantly affect the final results.

In France, which rules the roost when it comes to solo offshore racing, the race is being followed with bated breath, making daily frontpage headlines. If you want to follow it, you can do so on the Vendée Globe website.

A lot can happen in the next week. The wind can die, equipment can break, or a sailor may choose the wrong route home while another chooses the one with more wind.

This one might go right down to the finish.



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