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It’s all in the family for Outerlimits

Building high-performance powerboats is a family affair at Outerlimits.

Building high-performance powerboats is a family affair at Outerlimits. President Mike Fiore founded the Bristol, R.I., company in 1993, and his father, Paul, a high-performance boat designer and builder, and mother, Joyce, whose background is in interior design, are part of the team.

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With its goal of catering to the individual owner’s preferences with appointments, colors and other features, the company has achieved recognition as a leader in high-performance design and construction, building boats that are safe and sound at speed. Construction techniques include epoxy-cured laminate; vacuum-bagged hull and deck laminate; extensive use of carbon fiber; fiberglassing the deck, hull and bulkheads together to form a single unit; stringer bases with 45-degree fillets to evenly distribute loads; and postcuring the hull and deck in a computer-controlled oven prior to removal from the mold.

Many boats use a “quad step” hull for performance, strength and stability. The builder says it continuously refines its hulls, and one model has five steps. In the new 50-foot catamaran, the company says the power plants are housed in an engine space constructed of monocoque carbon fiber to add strength, absorb stress, and diminish noise and vibration


The color schemes and graphics are conceived by the owner and interpreted and executed by Dean Loucks of The Art of Design ( ). The boats are taken to TAOD’s 15,000-square-foot headquarters in Elkhart, Ind., where the finish is applied by hand using an airbrush. Owners often have matching color schemes on their life jackets, vehicles, bikes and clothing.