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Jay Leno urges change to federal ethanol requirements

Car enthusiast and comedian Jay Leno made it clear: He hates ethanol and he blames the Renewable Fuel Standard.

So he wants car enthusiasts to ask legislators to draft laws that reform or eliminate the law that mandates increasing levels of ethanol in the fuel supply.

In a recent Autoweek op-ed, the former Tonight Show host lamented replacing fuel-pressure regulators every 12 or 18 months on each of the autos in his vast car collection to avoid car fires — or, “ka-bloooooie,” as Leno puts it.

“New cars are equipped with fuel lines that are resistant to ethanol damage, but with older cars, the worst can happen — you’re going down the road and suddenly your car is on fire,” Leno wrote in the March 4 op-ed.

Boat propulsion systems face the same risk of damage.