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Jennifer and Mark Ullmann

Nordhavn 46 Starlet, currently lying in the Society Islands, French Polynesia
  Jennifer and Mark Ullmann  

  Jennifer and Mark Ullmann  

LOA: 45 feet, 9 inches • BEAM: 15 feet, 5 inches • POWER: 105-hp Lugger L668 diesel • SPEED:  8 knots cruise • RANGE: 1,800 nautical miles at 8 knots • TANKAGE: 1,000 gallons fuel, 280 gallons water • CONTACT: Pacific Asian Enterprises, Dana Point, California, (949) 496-4848.

What was your introduction to boating, and what is your boating history? Prior to Starlet we owned a 24-foot powerboat for diving. She was a Chaparral named Easy Diver. We’ve taken several weeklong liveaboard dive trips and chartered a Mainship trawler to explore the Exumas. Both of us have spent time on sailboats. My husband, Mark, eventually got his captain’s license, and I took a Power Squadrons course.

How did you get into long-distance passagemaking? What was the inspiration behind your decision? A bad day at work was the inspiration. We love to travel and realized that many of the places we wanted to see could be reached by a boat. Both of us love the water and are scuba divers, so it seemed like an economical way to see the world.

What was the first voyage where you pushed the limits, distancewise? We worked up to it slowly. First, we did an overnight from Fort Pierce to Jacksonville, Florida.


Next we did a two-night trip from Jekyll Island, Georgia, to Beaufort, North Carolina. We also made some four-night trips from Hampton, Virginia, to Jacksonville, and another from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic. By the time we made a six-day trip from Florida to Bermuda, we thought we were ready for an 11-day trip to the Azores. Our longest passage was from the Galapagos to the Marquesas in French Polynesia, which took 20 days.

What can you tell us about your best cruising moment? We have so many. Sitting in the Azores at 10 p.m. after 11 days and nights at sea and realizing that we really did it. We always wanted to visit Italy, so walking around Sardinia for the first time felt exhilarating. A week in Santorini, Greece, was very memorable. We loved all 43 islands, but sunsets in Santorini are extra special — it is a nightly event.

Where have you’ve traveled under power? Bahamas, Florida to Maine, Dominican Republic, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Azores, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco, Spain, Baleric Islands, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey, Cape Verde Islands, Panama, Galapagos, French Polynesia and more.

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue.



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