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Jeppesen Marine unveils new C-MAP website

Jeppesen Marine unveiled a new C-MAP website for its recreational boating customers around the world.

The recently launched site ( was specifically developed to help fishermen, sailors and cruisers fuel their passion for boating as they “navigate” to the C-MAP electronic charts and services that best suit their boating activities and lifestyles.

Jeppesen has achieved this through the use of boating action and lifestyle images, as well as an easy-to follow site architecture that guides boaters directly from the home page to the right C-MAP electronic charts, features and OEM-partner navigation systems for their needs.

Jeppesen provides navigators across North America and around the world with a wide variety of products, including C-MAP 4D, C-MAP MAX-N/MAX-N+, MapMedia 3D and C-MAP MAX cartography, the Plan2Nav mobile navigation app and Club Jeppesen’s automatic chart updating service.

The new website is designed to organize this wealth of information in a logical way for different types of boaters.

“Today’s electronic charts —as well as compatible navigation systems — have evolved to provide a variety of features and Value Added Data to benefit different types of boaters,” said Emanuela Ferina, Jeppesen Global Marketing Manager, Light Marine.

Examples include High Resolution Bathymetric (HRB) charts for coastal and offshore fishermen, detailed data on reefs, wrecks and hangs for divers, specialized Bahamas charts from private data sources for sailors, and proprietary marina charts for cruisers.

“Different types of boaters are going to be interested in different things — and we’re making it easy for them to find what they need and get out on the water to enjoy themselves,” added Ferina.

To learn more about C-MAP electronic charts, accessories and services for fishermen, sailors and cruisers, as well as compatible chartplotters and PC navigation systems, visit the new website at or call (800) 424-2627.