Joel and Dominique Marc

Selene 66 Jade , currently lying in Kodiak, Alaska
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  Joel and Dominique Marc  

  Joel and Dominique Marc  

LOA: 71 feet, 5 inches • BEAM: 18 feet, 8 inches • POWER: single 525-hp John Deere 6125AFM diesel • SPEED: 7 knots cruise • RANGE: 6,500 nautical miles at 7 knots • TANKAGE: 3,200 gallons fuel, 600 gallons water, 250 gallons waste • CONTACT: Jet Tern Marine, Zhuhai City, China, +86 (756) 772-5339.

Where have you traveled under power? We’ve cruised around New Zealand; to Kamchatka, Russia; and then to Kodiak Island, Alaska. Fjordland and Steward Island in New Zealand were highlights.

What type of modifications/special gear/systems/equipment did you have to install to prepare your boat for this type of voyaging? Improvements include upgrading the windlass, anchor chain and ground tackle, installing 14 solar panels for recharging the batteries and adding a dishwashing machine, compactor, microwave, deep freezer, stove, etc. A watermaker is a critical piece of gear on any long-distance boat, so we installed a Spectra (60l/h) 24-volt watermaker. We run it as soon as we move, or even at anchor on sunny days. Our tanks are always full of fresh water. We changed most of the bilge and gray water pumps for higher-capacity membrane pumps.


What are your future cruising plans? To explore Alaska even deeper — it is so beautiful! Then we’ll head down to Seattle and on to the Sea of Cortez before heading back home via the Marquesas or Hawaii. Better yet, we’d like to go through the Panama Canal, up the U.S. East Coast to Greenland and then to Europe via Iceland and Norway. 

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue.



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