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Kids don't try this at home

FEB. 23 — A Canadian television network is in hot water over a program it aired that featured a foul-mouthed man drinking beer while helming a boat and telling children to act like him.

The action sports show “fatbluesky” featured a character named Joe who was operating a powerboat while drinking from a can of beer, according to a Reuters news report. Often using expletives, Joe at one point apparently addressed the “boys and girls” watching at home and said that if they were smart they would live the same way he does. The program reportedly aired at 10 a.m. on a Saturday, a time when children could have been watching.

Members of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ordered the Global Television network to broadcast two on-air apologies, the news report says. The network reportedly admitted the mistake and called the segment “crude and inexcusable.”

“The [council] considers that his outlandish and illegal antics driving a boat while drinking are utterly inappropriate for a non-adult audience,” the council reportedly says in a ruling. “[Joe] was seen grinning and smirking each time he took a sip of his alcoholic beverage. Moreover, there was no component of the program that served to point out that Joe’s behavior was illegal and dangerous.”

Global Television is owned by CanWest Global Communications, Canada’s largest media company, according to the news report.

Jason Fell