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Lakes water levels are on their way up

The Army Corps of Engineers had some welcome news for Great Lakes boaters as the season was getting under way: Not only are water levels higher than they were at this time last year, but levels in some of the lakes were increasing faster than expected.

Earlier in the season the Corps of Engineers had predicted a normal spring increase in the Great Lakes water levels. However, precipitation totals were well above average over Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario, the Engineers said in a mid-May report. Lake Superior had seen slightly lower-than-

average precipitation as of that time.

Although most of the lakes remained below their long-term averages, water levels at all of the lakes are higher than they were at that time last year. Lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, St. Clair and Erie were 4, 14, 6 and 1 inches, respectively, below their long-term average. Lake Ontario was 1 inch above its long-term average.

Lakes Superior and Ontario were 2 inches above last year’s level, while Lakes Michigan-Huron, St. Clair and Erie were 5 to 9 inches above last year’s level.