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Landing School offers financial aid for displaced workers

The Landing School received a private grant to provide financial aid for displaced workers who want to retrain for a career in the marine industry by enrolling in the 2009-10 school year.

"We are very grateful to have received this grant money earmarked for displaced workers," said Barry Acker, president of The Landing School, in a statement. "As the economic climate improves, the marine industry will be in need of well-trained tradespeople to support its growth. The financial aid we can provide to eligible people now will foster experienced, productive workers ready to contribute to the industry next June."

Located in Arundel, Maine, The Landing School offers five 10-month education and training programs: the Small Boats Program, the Cruising Boats Program, the Composites Program, the Marine Systems Program, and the Yacht Design Program.

Prospective students should contact an admissions officer at or (207) 985-7976 as soon as possible to inquire about availability of programs. The financial aid is distributed based on need, eligibility and availability of funds.

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