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Left behind in ‘open water’

AUG. 31 — Two men on a dive cruise in Antigua were left among a sea of sharks when the boat headed back to the dock without them.

After the sea became choppy and rough, the crew took the boat back to shore so participants could have lunch, according to an article on Cyber Diver News Network. The tour party was made up of 13 guests, one dive instructor and two dive masters. The crew didn’t realize the men were missing until their wives came looking for them. There was no head count done, according to the article.

Meanwhile, the two men, both British, were gradually floating away from their original dive spot on Cades Reef. The waters of Antigua are known for having bull, tiger and white sharks according to the article.

While adrift, one of the men realized their plight mirrored the 2003 feature film “Open Water,” in which a couple is left among circling sharks after their dive boat abandons them, according to the article. The movie is based on a true story about an abandoned diving couple that was never found.

The two were finally found and rescued, one by helicopter and another by a rescue boat. They were reportedly bleeding, having sustained injuries from being swept into coral reefs in the water.

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort, which sponsored the dive tour, refused to comment but have reportedly fired two of the dive staff, according to Cyber Diver News Network.

— Elizabeth Ellis