Lehr debuts 25-hp propane outboard


Lehr LLC introduced its highest-horsepower propane-powered outboard ever — the Lehr 25, which joins a fleet that consists of 2.5-, 5-, 9.9- and 15-hp models.

The engine, which weighs 172 to 197 pounds, depending on the shaft length, was introduced at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this month in conjunction with a program that gives a year’s supply of propane fuel free to buyers in their first season of ownership.

The Lehr Free Clean Fuel Program will run from Feb. 12 to June 30. The program applies to all five outboard models.

The newest model — the two-cylinder, 498-cubic inch 25 — carries a starting MSRP of $4,295. Strengths include electric or pull starting (with no choking or priming), maximum acceleration/performance with 110-octane fuel and zero evaporative emissions and no marine pollutants.

The Lehr 25 is available in 15- and 20-inch shaft lengths, with options for manual or electric starting, tiller or remote control and power tilt and trim. The Lehr 25 is offered with optional 22-pound (5.3-gallon) or 31-pound (7.5-gallon) liquid draw composite marine tanks. One of the standout features is the internal battery option — a fully sealed lithium ion battery for electric start models — that makes a lead-acid battery unnecessary.

Providing free fuel for the first year should help persuade boaters to give propane power a try, Lehr CEO and founder Capt. Bernardo Herzer said in a statement. “And once they do, we’re confident they’ll not only stay, but also share their positive experiences with other boaters.”

Contact: Lehr Inc. (310) 839-9009; www.golehr.com. Fuel program website: www.freecleanfuel.com.