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Life and death moment

JUNE 20 — A family of four managed to jump to safety last week seconds before a 38-foot Sea Ray collided with their stalled 18-foot Bayliner.

“God protected us. He must still have work for us,” the mother, Dorothy Goff, says in a report in the Grand Rapids Press newspaper. The incident happened last Saturday on Michigan’s LakeMacatawa.

Goff, her husband Greg, and their two daughters, who are 16 and 12, had taken the Bayliner for a “practice run” for a Father’s Day celebration when the engine stalled. “We had only been … out for about 45 minutes when the boat ran out of power,” Goff says in the report. “We don’t know why [the engine stalled].”

Moments after their engine quit the family spotted the Sea Ray approaching their boat at high speed. The Sea Ray “was so high it looked and felt like two or three stories,” Goff says in the report. After attempting to alert the operator, Goff yelled “jump” and all four aboard the Bayliner leapt into the water seconds before impact.

The 31-year-old man operating the Sea Ray, of West Olive, Mich., was expected to be arraigned on charges of reckless boating, the report says. The Goff family was rescued by a couple who saw the accident from shore.

Jason Fell