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Lifeguards stop runaway boat in Florida

Two lifeguards in Jupiter, Fla., jumped into action Thursday afternoon to stop a runaway boat with no one on board that was heading straight for the beach.

A fisherman announced on VHF radio that he had seen a 26-foot cabin cruiser powerboat, with no one on board about four miles from shore on a course straight for shore, according to a report by CBS 12 News.

The two lifeguards rushing out in their inflatable boat with outboard engine and headed out until they caught up with the boat, which was cruising at about 15 mph.

Then in a maneuver they say they trained for, one lifeguard pulled alongside while the other jumped aboard and throttled down the engine about three-quarters of a mile from shore.

Apparently the operator fell overboard while fishing. He was later fished out unharmed.

"I believe with the angle of that boat, it would've come right, it would've ran aground right in our swim area. That's the direction the boat was coming," Wesley Price, the lifeguard who drove the inflatable, told CBS 12 News.

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