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LNG tanker disabled and adrift


FEB. 13 — On Monday, 29 people aboard a 933-foot Liquefied Natural Gas tanker found themselves adrift about 35 miles east of Chatham, Mass., when the vessel lost propulsion, according to a Coast Guard press release.

The tanker, named Catalunya Spirit, was carrying a full load of LNG from Trinidad and Tobago to Boston when it became disabled about 3 a.m. and began drifting away from shore. At 10 p.m. two tugboats, Liberty and Freedom, and three technical representatives, contracted through Teekay Corporation, the vessel’s owner, were shuttled out to assist the tanker.

Freedom placed Catalunya Spirit under tow and was last seen heading west to a temporary offshore location to make repairs, according to the report. Two other tugs, the McAllister and the Atlantic Salvor, as well as the Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba, were standing by as of yesterday, and an aircrew from Air Station Cape Cod was scheduled to transport additional Coast Guard personnel and a technical representative.

The vessel had not released any natural gas and there is no structural damage, but Coast Guard sector Boston has notified the National Strike Team to help coordinate salvage and pollution response assets, according to the report.

— Elizabeth Ellis