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Local Notices Florida & the South April 2007

This information is taken from the 7th Coast Guard District’s Local Notice to Mariners alerting boaters to navigational changes or hazards. The list here is not an official Coast Guard statement but edited excerpts from recent notices. The notices also are available online at .


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has updated the following nautical charts:

• chart 11509, 30th ed. — TybeeIsland to Doboy Sound;

• chart 11488, 26th ed. — AmeliaIsland to St. Augustine;

• chart 11491, 36th ed. — St. Johns River, Atlantic Ocean to Jacksonville;

• chart 11009, 38th ed. — Chesapeake Bay, CapeHatteras to Straits of Florida;

• chart 25640, 42nd ed. — Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands,

• chart 11406, 12th ed. — St. Marks River and Approaches;

• chart 11490, 19th ed. — Approaches to St. Johns River; St. Johns River Entrance.

The new editions are available through NOAA sales agents. A free list of authorized sales agents is available by contacting the National Ocean Service, Distribution Division (N/ACC3), 6501 Lafayette Ave., Riverdale, Md.20737.



The Coast Guard was scheduled to establish a mooring buoy in approximate position 30 42 57.600N, 081 28 51.000W. The mooring buoy will be a white can with a blue band. The work was schedule to be completed the week of Jan. 15. (NOAA chart 11503)



U.S. Naval Station Mayport will be placing a work boat in a four-point mooring over the NavalStationDegaussingRange at various times based upon periods of slack water while divers conduct underwater repairs. The mooring legs will not interfere with the main channel of the St. John River, but will restrict passage of Naval Ships in the Naval Station Mayport Approach Channel. Local traffic to and from the MayportBasin will be halted during those times when work is in progress. Four mooring balls will remain in position clear of the St. John Bar Cut channel and will be marked with quick flashing white lights. The work boat will display anchor ball day shapes and dive flags for daytime operations, appropriate obstruction lights during darkness, and will monitor VHF channels 12 and 13 while on station. Upon completion of daily work, mooring legs will be recovered, and the work boat will return to port, clearing the Naval Station Mayport Approach Channel. This operation is ongoing and will be completed on or about April 30. (NOAA chart 11488)




Shoaling and silting has been reported on the western side of the channel at a 90-degree bend in the channel, causing constricting of the channel and posing a hazard to vessels transiting, passing in the channel, or moored at existing docks on the eastern side of the channel. All mariners are urged to transit this area with extreme caution. (NOAA chart 11485)


SubAqueous Services Inc. has advised that dredging was scheduled to commence in the vicinity of South End Hookers Point, berth 213 extension, 214, 215, and 218, in Tampa in February with a completion date on or about March 31. Cutterhead dredges C.K. Huggins and Mr. O will be on scene and monitoring VHF channels 13 and 16. A combination of floating and submerged pipe will be used to transport dredged material about three miles east to the 2D spoil island. The dredges and attendant plants will have all required Coast Guard lighting at night and the floating line will have yellow flashing lights mounted on the line. The submerged line will be marked with a green buoy and a red buoy to show safe passage. Once under way dredging will continue on a 24 hours per day, seven days per week basis. Mariners are urged to use extreme caution and transit at a safe speed to create minimum wake. Any questions or additional information please contact Adrienne Council at (407) 926-7796. (NOAA chart 11416)