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Local notices to Mariners – New England

This information is taken from the 1st Coast Guard District’s Local Notice to Mariners alerting boaters to navigational changes or hazards. The list here is not an official Coast Guard statement but edited excerpts from recent notices. The notices also are available online at


The Coast Guard is establishing two temporary safety zones extending 500 meters in all directions from each of the two submerged turret-loading buoys and accompanying systems that are part of GDF Suez Energy’s Neptune Deepwater Port located in the Atlantic Ocean off Boston. The purpose of these temporary safety zones is to protect vessels and mariners from the potential safety hazards associated with construction of the deepwater port facilities and the large sub-surface turret buoys, and to protect the deepwater port infrastructure. All vessels, with the exception of deepwater port support vessels, are prohibited from entering into, remaining or moving within either of the safety zones.

This rule is effective from July 31 through Feb. 16.

If you have questions, call or e-mail USCG Sector Boston, Waterways Management; telephone (617) 223-5160,

e-mail If you have questions on viewing the docket, call Renee V. Wright, program manager, Docket Operations, telephone (202) 366-9826.


Until approximately Nov. 1, Indian Point Power Plant will be conducting research operations in the Hudson River in the vicinity of Indian Point Power Plant from the Bear Mountain Bridge 41-19-12.000N/073-59-00.000W south to Bowline Point 41-12-40.000N/073-57-00.000W. There will be about 50 floating fenders marking submerged research sensors. These sensors will be on the river bottom approximately 1 foot tall and will be marked by orange ball fenders. The ball fenders will be out of the navigation channel on either side of the river, marking the positions of the research sensors. Chart 12343


An obsolete Russian submarine, once a floating museum in Providence, R.I., was moved to a waterfront scrapping facility just north of the National Grid LNG tank on the west bank of the Providence River. The submarine is grounded in the bank of the river and is moored to an adjacent spud barge while scrapping operations are conducted. The Russian submarine lies parallel to the west side of the navigable channel. Its bow points north and is just outside the channel at position 41 degrees - 48.2465’ North, 071 degrees - 23.7771 West. Its stern encroaches about 10 feet into the navigable channel at 41 degrees - 48.2058 North, 071 degrees - 23.7410 West.

Use extra caution when transiting in the vicinity of the grounded Russian submarine. Charts: 13221 13225


The Coast Guard received reports of shoaling in the Saugus River between Saugus River buoy 5 (LLNR 24825)and Saugus River buoy 6 (LLNR 24830). All mariners are urged to use caution while transiting the area.

This article originally appeared in the New England Home Waters Section of the November 2009 issue.