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Long Island Sound grants seek to improve conditions

Top federal and state environmental officials announced this week that 23 grants totaling $1,295,972 have been awarded to local government and community groups in Connecticut and New York to improve the health of Long Island Sound. 

The projects, which are funded through the Long Island Sound Futures Fund, will open up 12.2 river miles for passage of native fish and restore 50 acres of critical fish and wildlife habitat including intertidal marsh, coastal forest, grasslands and freshwater wetlands. More than 989,000 citizens will be reached by environmental and conservation programs supported by the grants.

Nearly 600,000 gallons of stormwater will be treated through the development of water pollution control projects. Thirteen grants totaling more than $625,000 will be awarded to groups in Connecticut leveraged by $590,000 from the grantees themselves resulting in $1.2 million in funding for on-the ground, hands-on conservation projects in the state. Three projects totaling $290,000 have an environmental benefit to both Connecticut and New York.

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