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Lost ocean liner discovered by shipwreck hunters

Endurance Exploration Group, a British firm that specializes in shipwreck research, survey and recovery, announced the successful completion of Phase 1 of "Project Sailfish" with the identification of the wreck believed to be that of the S.S. Connaught, a mid-19th century steamship reportedly lost with a cargo of gold coins.

Built in Ireland and launched in 1860, the 380-foot iron-hulled side-wheel steamer S.S. Connaught was lauded as one of the largest and most luxurious ocean-going liners in service, a true Titanic of her time.

Upon sinking on only her second voyage, the S.S. Connaught became best known for her tragic role in what has been called one of the most courageous and daring rescues in maritime history.

Click here for the full report with historic images and click here for the Endurance Exploration web page.