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Love hurts

FEB. 15Two teenage sweethearts were nabbed by police last week after they stole a boat and drove it to an island.

Authorities apprehended the boy and girl, both 16 and of North Port, Fla., on Egmont Key, an island southwest of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in TampaBay, according to a report in Florida’s Herald-Tribune newspaper. They reportedly were found in a fort, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The boy’s uncle reported the pair missing after he discovered his boat, a 27-foot Stamas, was missing, the report says. Police spent several hours in windy and rough conditions searching for the teens, using boats and helicopters.

“It was irresponsible,” a Sarasota Police Department spokesperson says in the report. “These [officers] risked their lives to get out in that water.”

The boy, who apparently operated the boat, had little boating experience, the report says. He tried to anchor the boat, but it wound up drifting ashore on the west side of the island.

The pair reportedly were taken ashore and transported to the Sarasota Police Department for questioning. Charges were pending.

Jason Fell