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Low water yields high school treasure

JAN. 11 — A Flippin, Ark., boater recently discovered a class ring lost for 38 years at the bottom of a lake.

Clint Peruchi was helping his father-in-law move his boat on Norfork Lake because of low water levels about two weeks ago, news reports say. Near the dock, at a spot normally 50 feet from shore and underwater, Peruchi noticed the inside band of a ring in the dirt.

Upon inspection of the ring Peruchi made out the initials L.E.C. and “Thayer, Mo. High School 1966,” reports say. Peruchi contacted the school’s librarian who, after consulting a yearbook, helped him locate the ring’s owner, Lewis Childers.

“[Peruchi] called and said he found it, and I couldn’t believe it,” Childers says in a report. “I knew as soon as soon as he described it and where it was found that it was mine.” Childers apparently lost the ring while swimming with his cousin at the lake in 1968.

“For 30 some years that ring has been on my mind,” Childers continued. “It was always in the back of my head to go look for it — I assumed it would be hidden somewhere under a foot of mud.”

— Jason Fell