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‘Mad’ Hungarian adrift for 10 hours

NOV. 19 — The sailor known to many as “The Mad Hungarian” because of long ocean crossings he has made in his tiny yacht found himself snagged in Fiji when he began having engine problems.

Aron Meder, a 27-year-old Hungarian sailor, set sail in his 19-foot Swiss boat, Carina, from Koper in Slovenia in September last year with a dream of sailing around the world, according to a news report on Upon entering Fiji at 1 p.m. Nov. 10 — roughly the halfway mark — he began to have engine problems.

He called nearby radios using a high-frequency phone, but couldn’t reach anyone. Nearly 10 hours passed before he was finally able to reach family members, who then contacted the local authorities, according to the report.

The SeashellMomi resort rescue team finally came out and towed Meder’s boat to the harbor, then eventually to the resort. Meder has decided to stay in Fiji to repair his engine and wait out the cyclone season before hitting the rest of his destinations, which include Indonesia, Christmas Island and The Seychelles.

Meder also had engine problems earlier this year when making his trip through the Panama Canal, according to the report.

— Elizabeth Ellis