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Madness at sea

NOV. 6 — A documentary about the troubled sailor who cheated during the 1968-’69 Sunday Times Golden Globe — the race in which Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world — is set to be released in December.

The film, called “Deep Water,” is based on the life of Donald Crowhurst and his experiences during the Golden Globe. The film features interviews with Knox-Johnston, Francoise Moitessier and various members of Crowhurst’s family.

Crowhurst, a British electronics inventor, entered the Golden Globe to prove that an onboard computer he created could help people “sail the seas effortlessly,” according to information on the film’s Web site . Not long after getting under way Crowhurst’s trimaran, named Teignmouth Electron, started taking on water and the amateur sailor realized he was not skilled enough to make the journey.

Crowhurst decided to hide off South America for several months and rejoin the race later, the Web site says. To give the impression he was still competing Crowhurst falsified his position reports and even claimed to have been making record time.

Teignmouth Electron was found drifting with no one aboard on July 10, 1969. After examining the boat and its logs authorities believed Crowhurst went insane and jumped overboard. Knox-Johnston, who won the race, donated the 5,000 pound prize money to Crowhurst’s family.

Distributed by Pathe Pictures, Deep Water is due out Dec. 15.

— Jason Fell