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Maine Yacht Center refits boat for circumnavigation

Maine Yacht Center completed a 12-month refit of Gryphon Solo 2 for Joe Harris.

On Nov. 15, Joe Harris boarded Gryphon Solo 2, an Akilaria RC2 Class 40, and left Newport, R.I., in an attempt to break the singlehanded non-stop around-the-world record on a 40-foot boat.

The record is 137 days and Chinese sailor Guo Chaun set it in 2013 aboard Qingdao, also an Akilaria RC2 Class 40.

Harris’ route will take him to the Cape of Good Hope, the Southern Ocean, Cape Horn and back to Newport.

Maine Yacht Center completed a 12-month refit and upgrade to prepare GS2 for the attempt. The refit included keel removal, inspection and recasting, a race bottom job and mast paint, and rudder inspection and service.

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