Ship Graveyard Receives National Marine Sanctuary Designation

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Situated just south of Washington, D.C. off the Potomac River, Mallows Bay is a ship graveyard that is the final resting place for at least 80 World War I wooden ships and various other scrapyard craft that have been left here over the years.

Despite the junkyard sound of the place, it is home to a wide variety of wildlife—both above and under the bay’s surface—including osprey, bald eagles, migratory songbirds and more. The shallow waters serve as a nursery for blue crabs, largemouth bass, white perch and many other waterborne critters.

For this reason, the waters recently received designation as a National Marine Sanctuary, which will protect the ships lying there, as well as the surrounding waters. It is the first marine sanctuary designated since 2000.

You can read more about Mallows Bay by reading this July 2016 Soundings article



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