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Man’s best friend?

FEB. 12 — A Florida man needed rescuing Thursday after his dog knocked him overboard and his boat raced in circles around him.

The man, who is 46 and of Ocoee, Fla., was apparently heading home after a day of fishing when his black Labrador, Shadow, knocked the throttle, sending the man overboard, a report in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper says. The man had taken off his PFD before falling into the cold water.

As the boat raced in circles with Shadow still on board, the man, having difficulty staying afloat, shouted for help, the report says. Nearby residents heard the cries and called 911. The Ocoee Fire Department launched a rescue boat, but the man was eventually picked up by a good Samaritan, who also corralled the runaway boat.

“The only thing [the man] said … was ‘That dog couldn’t drive the boat,’ ” a police officer says in the report.

The man was taken to an area hospital to be treated for possible hypothermia, according to the report. The dog was unharmed in the incident.

Jason Fell