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Marine artists headline wildlife exhibit

An exhibition showcasing the works of marine wildlife artists Guy Harvey and Kent Ullberg recently opened at the historic Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, N.J.

The two-artist show, produced by David J. Wagner LLC, will be on display until the end of April 2014.

The Hiram Blauvelt Museum, which features the works of contemporary wildlife artists, has hosted annual exhibits for The Society of Animal Artists. It is one of only five museums in the United States to exclusively display wildlife art.

“We are very fortunate to have this unique opportunity to feature both artists who share a great passion for wildlife. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we encourage wildlife enthusiasts, students of the arts, and residents to come out and view this collection of works,” museum board president James Bellis said in a statement.

Harvey, a unique blend of artist, conservationist, scientist, angler and explorer, is the winner of the 2011 Simon Combes Conservation Award through Artists for Conservation.

One of the most recognized and celebrated marine wildlife artists in the world, Harvey¹s colorful paintings accurately depicts animals in their environment and adorns everything from clothing to large-scale murals to the walls of museums.

In 2008, Harvey started the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to funding leading scientists as they develop new strategies for sensible fisheries management, and educators, who will create novel instructional programs to stimulate futures scientists and new stewards of the marine environment.

Ullberg a native of Sweden, studied at the Swedish Konstfack School of Art in Stockholm, and at museums in France, Germany, and the Netherlands.