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Marine industry touts alternative to ethanol biofuel

Engine manufacturers from across the recreational boating industry identified biobutanol as a suitable and safe alternative biofuel to ethanol, a controversial biofuel because of its damaging effects on numerous types of engines, including those that power recreational boats.

Although large-scale consumer availability of biobutanol fuel blends is not expected for another couple of years, the marine industry’s supportive position is poised to encourage its market expansion by providing marine fuel distributors, retailers and consumers with the confidence that this is not only a suitable, but also a more compatible fuel for boats.

For the last five years, the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the American Boat and Yacht Council, under the direction and guidance of the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory, have been engaged in an industry-supported program to evaluate the performance of recreational marine engines operated on fuel containing as much as 16 percent biobutanol.

“The recreational boating industry is proud to be on the leading edge of renewable fuel research as we continue to work toward a solution for our industry and the many others that are impacted by the RFS,” NMMA senior vice president for government relations John McKnight said in a statement.

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