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Mariners warn of hazardous Hatteras shoaling

The Coast Guard is warning mariners of shoaling approximately a half-mile into the Hatteras Inlet Channel in Wilmington, N.C.

The width of the channel was reduced because of encroaching shoals on either side of the waterway.

Vessel operators are urged not to pass other vessels in the vicinity of buoy 11A, light list number 28730.1, and 12C, light list number 28732.3, in the Hatteras Inlet Channel.

"We've had numerous vessels run aground in this area, including one with injuries," said Capt. Anthony Popiel, the commander of Coast Guard Sector North Carolina in Wilmington. "We urge all boaters to exercise due caution in this waterway to ensure their safety and that of others."

Vessels transiting the area are reminded not to inhibit the passage of ferries or dredges, as they have limited maneuverability. Vessel masters are reminded of their responsibilities in narrow channels in accordance with Rule 9 of the Navigation Rules.

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