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Mariquita, which means ladybird in Spanish, is one of the last 19 Meter Class yachts in existence. Designed and built by William Fife & Sons, she was launched in 1911 at Fairlie on the Firth of Clyde in Scotland.

This video by Simpson Marine shows what it is like to sail aboard Mariquita

Mariquita enjoyed three years of competitive racing before being sold in 1915 to an owner who spent much of World War I sailing her in Norway. She was returned to Great Britain after the war and decommissioned. Mariquita's mast was cut down, her keel bolts removed and her 40-ton lead ballast went to scrap before being converted into a houseboat.

William Collier and Albert Obrist rescued Mariquita in 1991 and spearheaded an extensive reconstruction at Fairlie Restorations. Mariquita returned to racing form in 2004. 



VIDEO: The loveable catboat

Those who appreciate catboats – with their beamy, rounded hulls, un-stayed masts, gaff rigs and ultra-long booms – find that these traditional sailboats are hard to beat, when it comes to practical design and pleasurable sailing.


Ding, Ding!

The captain of the steam-powered ferry Sabino can steer her any course he chooses, but must use bells to signal a remote crew member for speed and direction changes.


Volvo Ocean Race Is Newport-Bound

Leg 8 of the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race got underway off Itajaí, Brazil, yesterday bound for Newport, Rhode Island. The 5,700-nautical-mile-long run takes sailors around the eastern end of Brazil, through the doldrums and across the Equator and then through the western Atlantic Ocean to Newport.


Frenchman Finishes Atlantic Crossing in Barrel

Seventy-two-year-old Jean-Jacques Savin this week floated across the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, marking the end of his 122-day journey across the Atlantic in a 9-foot-long, bright-orange barrel.