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Medal awarded for Chesapeake Bay rescue

US Sailing, the nation’s governing sailing body, presented a Hanson Rescue Medal to Dan R. Mastromarco of Annapolis, Md., for rescuing a swimmer from Chesapeake Bay on July 31, 2010.

Mastromarco and his crew of three, with two young children sleeping in the cabin below, were sailing back to Annapolis aboard Inishowen, a Catalina 400, after an overnight sail was abbreviated due to forecasted thunderstorms and overcast conditions. While sailing in southerly winds at approximately 11 p.m. in gusts exceeding 20 knots, Inishowen was entering Whitehall Bay when they heard loud, shrill cries for help.

Unable to spot the victim in the dark, Mastromarco and crewmember Nicholas Provenzo shouted to the swimmer requesting that he splash in the water to improve visibility. They quickly located the swimmer and acquired a compass bearing on him.

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