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Meet the fish unafraid to bite a great white

Every year, between August and December, great white sharks arrive at the western coast of Mexico and people jump into the ocean to see them. Operators chum the waters to lure in the sharks, while divers enter in floating steel cages.

Two seasons ago, one of these divers saw a great white shark off Guadalupe Island with two odd wounds on its head. One was a crescent-shaped scar. The other was a round crater, still open and bloody.

He took photos of the animal and sent them to a team of scientists.

The answer, it seems is a smaller shark named for the shape and appearance of its bite wounds — a cookie cutter shark.

There are three species of cookie-cutter sharks, but only one that’s known to swim off Mexico — a small cat-sized fish that some describe as looking like “a demonic cigar.”

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