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Mishap at the launch ramp

JUNE 8 — A New Hampshire man nearly drowned Tuesday after backing his truck into a lake while practicing to launch an imaginary boat.

The man, who is from Hudson, was backing up his Ford F-350 on a boat launch at Massabesic Lake when he apparently went too far and the truck began to sink, according to a news report in New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper. He told authorities he was practicing for when he purchases a boat.

“He panicked, because he was in the water up to the headrests and he nearly drowned trying to get back to shore,” a police officer says in the report.

The man eventually made it to shore and called a towing service for help, the report says.

“I’m not sure why he was doing what he was doing,” says the officer in the report. “Maybe he was just visualizing for the day when he gets [a boat].”

Jason Fell