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Mishaps & Rescues - Connecticut and New York

Recent responses from New York and Massachusetts

Search suspended New York

The Coast Guard suspended its search for two missing people after a vessel allegedly capsized in the Rockaways near Queens, N.Y., around 10 a.m.

The Coast Guard searched an area of 7-1/2 square miles, or all of lower Jamaica Bay. The search was suspended at 6 p.m. pending further developments.

Students at Beach Channel High School contacted authorities after reportedly watching a vessel capsize in Jamaica Bay with two people on board.

Two rescue boat crews from Coast Guard Station New York found a capsized 10-foot white-and-green flat-bottomed boat with no motor or oars. A rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City also conducted searches from the air. No other debris was located.

It was earlier reported that a Coast Guard crew also discovered a derelict blue-and-white boat. That information has since been corrected; crews with the New York City Police Department located that boat.

New York City Fire Department surface assets and NYPD aviation units also conducted searches. (March 4)

Examining Alaskan wreck

A remote operating vehicle run by Global Offshore Divers examines a porthole along the starboard side of the Princess Kathleen in Alaskan waters. The 369-foot Princess Kathleen, a Canadian Pacific Railroad vessel built in 1925, grounded and sank in 1952 near Lena Point, Alaska, carrying an estimated 155,000 gallons of fuel.

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Ill man brought to shore


The Coast Guard transported an ill crewman from a 31-foot lobster boat about seven miles east of Gloucester, Mass., to shore.

The Gloucester-based Miss Meredith contacted Coast Guard Station Gloucester for assistance for a 49-year-old crewman who was unresponsive and incoherent.

The station dispatched a 25-foot rescue boat crew and transported the Rockport, Mass., native back to the station where local emergency services personnel were waiting.

The crewman's condition was unknown. (March 9)

This article originally appeared in the Connecticut and New York Home Waters Section of the May 2010 issue.