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Missing captain has $75,000 arrest warrant

Did Timothy Lybrand of Santa Cruz, Calif., try to fake his own death?

San Francisco District Attorney Investigator Hansen Pang told local news outlets that investigators suspect Lybrand is hiding, not missing or dead, after his 38-foot salmon boat was found sinking and abandoned off Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Monday.

Lybrand made a distress call to other boaters at 3:30 a.m. Monday, Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr Shawn Lansing said. Lybrand told other boaters that he was going to jump ship and try to swim 25 yards to shore while wearing a life jacket.

Pang said he believes Lybrand made it to shore. His wave-battered boat, named The Paloma, was found sinking before sunrise Monday, and Lybrand had vanished.

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