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Missing Florida Boater Found Clinging to His Sinking Boat


Stuart Bee, the 62-year-old boater who was reported missing on Saturday morning, was found alive on Sunday, clinging to the bow of his 32-foot Sea Ray, 86 miles off Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Bee had departed from Cape Marina in Port Canaveral on Friday at 4 p.m. He was reported missing at 11:40 a.m. on Saturday morning by a marina member who knew that Bee did not usually overnight on the water. Twenty-four hours later, the crew of the 225-foot container ship Angeles spotted Bee who was hanging onto the bow pulpit of his boat, the only part of the Sea Ray that was still above the water.


Bee’s boat had developed a mechanical problem and began sinking around midnight Saturday. It was unclear how long he had been clinging to the boat, but he was unhurt and swam to the Angeles which he boarded by climbing a ladder up the side of the vessel.


The USCG had dispatched airplanes and put out an enhanced group call to alert vessels to keep an eye out for Bee. When he was found by the Angeles, Bee was not wearing a lifejacket.

You can read more in this article from Florida Today.



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