Monstrous Wave Recorded off Irish Coast

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A monstrous wave, measuring 98.4 feet, was recorded by an offshore weather buoy in the waters west of Ireland last week.

The wave was generated by the tail end of Hurricane Epsilon and is considered one of the highest waves ever recorded in Irish waters.

The hurricane’s aftermath caused unusually large wave action right off the coast of the Emerald Isle and caused one Irish surfer to go out and tackle some 60-footers. You can read about the surfer and watch him surfing at



Unmanned Ghost Ship Lands on Irish Shores

A 250-foot cargo ship that was abandoned by its crew in 2018 has made its way to Ireland unmanned.

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Superyacht Catches Fire and Sinks Off Italian Coast

The Italian Coast Guard rescued 17 people before the 155-foot Lady MM slipped below the waves


Dive Bar Donates Dollars from Its Walls to Bahamas Relief

The bar removed $13,961 worth of customer’s dollars from the walls and donated them to the Red Cross for Hurricane Dorian relief.


Hurricane Laura Strikes Southwestern Louisiana and Moves Inland

With sustained winds of 150 mph, the category 4 hurricane is one of the strongest storms in the state’s history


Rogue Waves and the Triangle

A new documentary contends rogue waves may explain some of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.


The RIB Comes of Age

A ride offshore aboard a Ribcraft 9.0 shows how RIBs have evolved to become great all-purpose boats.

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Scout Sinks Shrimp Boat for Eagle Project

The 50-foot shrimp boat was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico to become an artificial fishing reef and to honor the scout’s grandfather.


Hope 4 Hope Town Sends Its First Relief Ship to the Abacos

Just one week after starting a GoFundMe page, a new charity organization sends a ship full of supplies to the Bahamas to aid in relief efforts.