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Moored sailboat to appear on U.S. stamped postcard

Whether racing along the coast or simply bobbing in harbors, sailboats add to the allure of any water view. An impressionistic image of a moored sailboat, created by Burton Silverman of New York City, will adorn a 2012 stamped postcard.

The sailboat, a one-masted sloop, rests with its sails furled while a single sailor stands on deck. Silverman, who painted the scene in oil on a gesso surface board, said he based the painting on a photograph he took during a summer sailing trip to Long Island Sound.

The landscape is a departure for Silverman, a well-known portraitist whose work appears on a dozen stamps previously issued by the U.S. Postal Service, including Igor Stravinsky (1981), Raoul Wallenberg (1997), and Arthur Fiedler (1998). Rock music fans may know Silverman best for his painting of an old man featured on the cover of Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” album.

The card was designed by art director Derry Noyes.

Customers can preview the stamps on Facebook at, through Twitter @USPSstamps or on the website Beyond the Perf at

The issuance date of the Sailboat Stamped Card will be announced at a later date.