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Morris Yachts touts ‘greater efficiency’ with Hinckley

Morris Yachts and The Hinckley Company reported strong 2015 sales following their partnership and sale of several Morris M-Series sailboats, including the company’s first M36X.

“The company is benefitting greatly from synergies with its new parent Hinckley around location, methodology and streamlined operations,” Morris general manager Pete Carroll said in a statement. “In 2015, Morris sold its Bass Harbor facility to focus on operations in Trenton and the service operation in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Now we are integrating Hinckley resources.

“We have twice the engineering capacity we had before,” Carroll adds. “This is helping us achieve greater efficiency and on time delivery targets.”

While customer satisfaction has always been high among Morris owners, the network of support that Hinckley’s six service yards bring will further enhance that, the company said.

This year, Morris will continue to focus on its M-Series boats — M29, M36, M42 and M52 — with an additional emphasis on the new X-Type package.

Cuyler Morris remains with the company in a senior adviser role and day-to-day operations continue to be led by Pete Carroll in Trenton. Eric Roos rejoined the Morris sales team.

“We couldn’t be happier to combine the best practices in construction and service of these great brands,” Hinckley COO Mike Arieta said. “It can’t help but provide a better ownership experience for Morris sailors.”