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Most popular boat names ranked

If it is true a boat’s name reflects its owner’s personality, there’s a renewed affection for piracy of late.

Topping the charts for 2007’s top ten boat names is Black Pearl, the name of the haunted ghost ship in the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” Disney films, according to Boat U.S., though the report speculates the name was probably given by the kids of boat owners.

Liberty takes a close second and first showed its face on the Top Ten after 9/11, where it has been a regular ever since. Second Wind and Second Chance also appear, showing how many believe boating gives them a new lease on life. Some offbeat titles include The Dog House, Carpe Diem, Seas the Day and Knot on Call, depicting boat owner’s escapist mentality from the pressures of everyday life.

The ever-popular Aquaholic makes an appearance, book-ending Wanderlust, depicting a section of boaters who love to get their absolute fill of the seas. For the more spiritually inclined, Amazing Grace continues to be a popular standby.

— Elizabeth Ellis