Music producer records aboard


DEC. 6 — A Los Angeles music producer, who has worked with hip-hop stars like Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and Babyface, has moved his studio aboard his 40-foot boat.

L Seven Records owner Lenny Douthett, who is 39, says the music he produces below deck gives his records a fresh, unique vibe, according to a news report. “The boat gives us a different kind of sound,” Douthett says in the report. “We’re the only ones doing it.”

After some experimenting, Douthett discovered that his boat, called Gentle Lady, has good acoustics, the report says. With a microphone propped up on the toilet seat, artists record their vocals in the head. Everything except for drums is recorded below deck.

“From my take of it, the vocals are more deep and clear sounding,” 23-year-old artist Chyna says in the report. Chyna is recording a new album, “Thugthizzle,” on the boat.

Having his studio on his boat also means that Douthett and the artists can get under way and escape the stresses of everyday life. “We can go to the middle of the ocean,” Douthett says in the report. “We can get out and record.”

— Jason Fell