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Mystery surrounds boat run aground

SEPT. 14 — The Coast Guard continued to search Tuesday for a 58-year-old South Sandwich, Mass., man whose boat ran aground Sunday with its navigation lights on and engine in gear and running — but no one on board.

The convertible Bon Gusto, which various reports described as 29 or 35 feet, was discovered around 10 p.m. Sunday on Tidewatch Beach in Mashpee, Mass., according to news reports. The Coast Guard launched a 110-foot cutter, 41-foot utility boat, HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and HU-25 Falcon jet to search for the boat’s owner, Paul Bertolozzi, who is said to have been the only passenger on board. Local fire and police departments also launched search boats.

Bertolozzi and his wife, Gail, reportedly traveled from Osterville, Mass., to Edgartown, Mass., earlier on Sunday. The Cape Cod Times reported the couple allegedly had an argument and Bertolozzi apparently left without his wife at about 8:30 p.m., disappearing somewhere along the nine-mile trip. Gail Bertolozzi returned home and was later questioned by local police, the news report says.

Six- to 7-foot swells in Nantucket Sound Sunday night could have contributed to Bertolozzi’s disappearance says Coast Guard officer Jay Cadorette.

“So far we’ve conducted an extensive search of the area but have had no results,” Cadorette says.

Jason Fell