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Mystery yacht found floating without crew

A French vessel named L’Actuel was found recently with a full mainsail and no crew in the middle of the Atlantic, hundreds of kilometers from the nearest landfall.

Survival gear had been left behind, which leaves a mystery about the fate of its crew, two French sailing enthusiasts, who had left Newfoundland May 24.

Search operations will continue, said a duty officer at the Gris-Nez Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre in France.

The skipper, a veteran regatta racer named Gaétan de la Goublaye, 62, had set off from the French Caribbean island of Martinique with a friend, Denis Guilmin, 47. The two were on their way to Le Havre in Normandy.

The search began when Mr. de la Goublaye's daughter, Marie, reported him missing last Thursday.

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