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Mystic Seaport features "Treasures from the Collections"

Mystic Seaport will open its newest exhibit, “Treasures from the Collections,” on March 31. The exhibit presents 149 historic objects from the museum collections as works of outstanding artistic value.

Visitors will immediately notice something very different about this exhibit. Rather than presenting objects and images based on their connection to unifying stories, themes, and ideas, "Treasures from the Collections" breaks new ground by presenting objects primarily for their artistic and aesthetic merit.

Outstanding examples of ship models, scrimshaw, ship plans and figureheads by preeminent artisans will stand next to masterpieces from such renowned artists as James E. Buttersworth, Isaac Sheffield, and James Bard.

Another item is a sailor’s ditty box made from panbone, wood, ivory, baleen, and horn. The box was made by Capt. Frederick Howland Smith and his wife Sarah G. “Sallie” Wordell Smith while they were at sea on the whaling bark Ohio in December 1877. The box’s lid features a striking geometric pattern inlaid with tiny pieces that testify to the fine craftsmanship – and artistic talent – that went into creating the artifact.

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