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Mystic Seaport holds lantern light tours

Mystic Seaport in Southeastern Connecticut will open the 33rd season of its Lantern Light Tours on Dec. 1.

A New England holiday tradition, Lantern Light Tours is a 70-minute progressive play that takes its audience back to Christmas Eve in 1876. A cast of almost 70 people, including actors from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, tells the story of lost love, temptation, and Christmas miracles.

The Lantern Light Tour story is changed every year and the writing and production planning begin in February.

This year’s story draws inspiration from the legend of St. Nicholas as the Patron Saint of sailors, thieves, and young women looking to marry. The plot contains several exciting and humorous elements, including a bank robbery on Christmas Eve and the return of a sailor thought lost at sea. As in years past, this year's production will include a dance, a sweet treat, a scene on one of our historic vessels, a horse-and-carriage ride, and a visit from St. Nicholas. 

Visitors join a group of 16 to tour the Museum’s 19th-century village on foot, stopping at designated points to take in the next chapter in the story.

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