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National Fishing and Boating Week casts off

With National Fishing and Boating Week June 5-13, BoatU.S. reminds anglers of five easy ways to celebrate the week and inspire families and friends to head out to the water:

1. Go fishing for free: In honor of this special week, many states offer one or more days where anglers won't need a license to fish. Go to BoatUS Angler message boards where you'll find free fishing days and events posted for your region of the country.

2. Have fun at a marina party: Attend a "Boat. Fish. Live. At National Marina Day" event held at one of 10 select marinas across the country. Activities could include boating and fishing demos, test drives, kid's activities, barbecues, live music, giveaways, and more. Additional Marina Day events can be found here.

3. Brush up on your fishing skills: From learning about fishing tactics, equipment and safety, to advice and stories from pro anglers, has expert advice to help beginners start out right and keep experienced anglers at their peak. Click on "Fishing How-Tos"where you'll also find information that will help you teach your kids about catch-and-release fishing and how to measure a fish.

4. Make a fishing trip memorable for a child: Take a photo of your child with their catch and send it to the BoatUS Angler Catch of the Month Contest. Photos will be displayed on the association's Web site,, and will also be entered into a monthly prize drawing.

5. Go boating with the kids wearing the right life jackets: Don't worry if you want to take a bunch of kids boating and don't have enough life jackets. The BoatUS Foundation's free Life Jacket Loaner Program for Kids offers free child and youth life jackets for the day or weekend at more than 500 waterfront sites, boat clubs, businesses and firehouses.