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National Fishing and Boating Week is this weekend

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation's Take Me Fishing campaign is encouraging families, kids and outdoor adventurers alike to experience the joys of boating and fishing during National Fishing and Boating Week, which runs June 2-10.

The week highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing in enhancing peoples' quality of life and preserving our country's natural beauty. It offers boaters and anglers of all ages and skill levels a great reason to spend quality time together, enjoying and appreciating the great outdoors whether in their local community or on a vacation. This year, nearly 40 out of the 50 states are offering Free Fishing Days during National Fishing and Boating Week, providing a chance for current participants to introduce the sport to newcomers, especially children.

According to the Outdoor Foundation, the average child spends 35 hours a week in front of the television, and less than 25 percent of school-aged children participate in some form of daily physical activity. In turn, RBFF research has shown that fishing is a top "gateway" activity, spurring involvement in other outdoor interests which may lead to an active, healthy lifestyle.

"Boating and fishing are the kinds of activities that get families and kids outdoors and reconnecting with each other – and with nature," RBFF president and CEO Frank Peterson said. "With hundreds of thousands of places to boat and fish across the country, families likely have access to a boating and fishing location very close to home."