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Nautical celebration remembers War of 1812

Re-enactors in 1812 Marine Guard uniforms will march in front of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned war ship in the U.S. Navy, in Boston in the coming days.

The War of 1812 can seem neglected, overshadowed by the American Revolution and the Civil War, but this summer Boston will celebrate the bicentennial with an enthusiasm sure to bring attention to a war worth remembering.

“If you ask the average American, ‘Who won the War of 1812?,’ they might say ‘The war of what?’” said Rebecca Crawford, manager of academic and family programs at the USS Constitution Museum, a partner in the bicentennial celebration. “But it’s important because it led to a spirit of nationalism. After the war, people started to refer to themselves as Americans, rather than by the state they lived in.”

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