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Navigation in Oregon Inlet regulated as a safeguard

The Coast Guard established a temporary regulated navigation area Saturday for the navigable waters surrounding the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge in North Carolina.

Vessels with a draft greater than two feet are not allowed within 100 yards of the Bonner Bridge until further notice.

The Army Corps of Engineers plans to deploy a dredge to address the shoaling within the week.

The RNA allows the Coast Guard to impose vessel traffic restrictions within Oregon Inlet to safeguard vessels from shoaling and to reduce the risk of a bridge strike. The Coast Guard will impose restrictions only when necessary based on inlet conditions, and will provide the public with as much advance notice as possible.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation reports pile supports of the Bonner Bridge have suffered significant section loss and are continually exposed to substructure erosion.

For further inquiries concerning the dredging, please contact the Army Corps of Engineers public affairs office at (910) 251-4626 or via e-mail at