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New app helps mariners, coastal residents

For the first time, mariners operating along the East Coast can receive a visual display of all relevant right-whale management initiatives and warnings via their iPad or iPhone.

A GPS system in the iPad shows the ship's location relative to the management measures, simplifying mariner compliance. Clicking on a screen or icon activates a pop-up window with additional information.

Mariners along the East Coast can now download a new iPad and iPhone application that warns them when they enter areas of high risk of collision with critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The free Whale Alert app provides information about right whale management measures and the latest data about right whale detections, all overlaid on NOAA digital charts.

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Meanwhile, a new suite of online portal and smartphone apps is providing information on tsunami zones in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest Tsunami Evacuation Zones online portal and free apps provide an at-a-glance view of tsunami hazard zones along the coasts of Oregon and Washington.

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