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New attempt at circumnavigation sail record

Groupama 3 set off from off the Créac'h lighthouse off Ushant, France, in a good northwesterly breeze and big seas. Skipper Franck Cammas and his nine crew will have to be back from their circumnavigation of the globe spanning more than 24,000 miles, prior to the morning of Dec. 26.

A granulated sky, gusts, intermittent showers, setting sun, big Atlantic swell, squalls, breaking waves presented the setting for this latest departure to gain a new reference time in the Jules Verne Trophy, the round the world record held by Bruno Peyron and his crew since 2005 (50 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes).

"We're going to set off under reduced sail to get free of the continental shelf. After that this northwesterly wind will shift round to the West for three hours at which point we'll have to sail close-hauled," Cammas said. "It's not the ideal scenario for starting out, however, the weather window is pretty favorable after that."

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